Bull GNU/Linux NFSv4 project

RPC and TI-RPC Tests Suite

Tests suite summary

Since NFS does make use of RPC and TI-RPC (for IPv6 now), this tests suite is aimed to guarantee that the underlying RPC/TI-RPC technology is robust and reliable. It should also help improving the quality of Linux.


The tarball is available here

Design documents

You will find two PDF design documents which are :

Test Plan Document
explanation : Following IEEE 829-1998 rules, this documents gives full explanation about:
  • how to use the tests suite
  • what is tested (such as functions, domains)
  • which environment is required/needed (software, hardware)
comments : version 1.3 (2007-07-12), 10 pages, PDF

Test Design Document
explanation : This document defines:
  • test requirements,
  • test dependencies,
  • test case description,
  • expected results.
comments : version 1.3 (2007-07-12), 138 pages, PDF

Using tsLogParser to analyze results

This tests suite is fully compliant with tsLogParser project. This will help you to analyse RPC and TIRPC tests results. you will find here the tsLogParser project. Then you also need to untar and add the RPC and TIRPC module (rpc_ts.mod.php) into tsLogParser/admin/modules directory. Download rpc_ts.mod.php from here.


If something was uncomplete or wrong, feel free to contact us to modify these domuments contents.

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